Hardware: Hook, Ring, Adjuster, Card Holder, Key Holder

sample of project
Bronze Clip With D-Ring
Price: RM1.30/4 pieces
Size:  D-Ring about 1cm
* can use 6mm or 8mm rivet to install.

Premium Bronze Eyelet Set
Price: RM3.80/set
Big Ring Inner Diameter: 3.3cm, Outer Diameter: 4.2cm
Small Ring Inner Diameter: 1.5cm,Outer Diameter: 2.7cm

Bronze Roller Key Holder
Price: RM2.20/piece
Size: Ring Diameter: 2cm, Height-5cm
Type:Oval Ring or Love Shape Ring

 Bronze Square Bag Strap Adjuster
Price: 2.5cm-RM0.60/piece
Price: 3.2cm-RM0.70/piece

Bronze Square Pin Fastener
Price: 2.6cm-RM0.50/piece
Price: 3.2cm-RM0.60/piece

Metal Bronze Key Chain Ring
Price: RM1.00/3 pieces
Measurement: Out Diameter-32mm, In Diameter-26mm, Thick-2mm

Bronze D-Ring
Price: RM0.60/2 pieces (Inner Diametre-1.5cm)
Price: RM0.70/2 pieces (Inner Diametre-2.0cm)
Price: RM0.80/2 pieces (Inner Diametre-2.6cm)
Price: RM1.10/2 pieces (Inner Diametre-3.2cm)

Premium Bronze Square Bag Strap Adjuster 3cm
Price: RM1.00/piece

 Premium Bronze Hook With D-Ring 2.5cm (sold)
Price: RM2.20/set

 Premium Bronze Hook With D-Ring 3.2cm (sold)
Price: RM3.50/set
Hook Size: 4.5*3.8cm
D-Ring Inner Diameter: 3.2cm

Premium Bronze Hook 2 Piece Set 2.5cm
Price: RM3.20/ 2 pieces
Size: 2.5*4.5cm

Premium Bronze Hook 3 Piece Set 3.2cm
Price: RM4.40/set
Hook Size: 4.5*3.8cm
D-Ring Inner Diameter: 3.2cm
Square Adjuster: Outer 4*2.8cm, Inner 3.3*2cm

Bronze Hook 3.8*2.5cm (sold)
Price: RM1.80/2 pieces
Length-3.80cm, Width-2.50cm

 Bronze Hook
Price: RM1.60/set (2 pieces)
Hook Size: 3.8*1.5cm

Bronze Hook 3.8*1cm
Price: RM1.50/set (2 pieces)
Size: Length-3.8cm, Diameter-1cm 

Bronze Ziphead Hook
Price: RM1.00/5 pieces

String With Hook
Price: RM1.00/4 pieces
Length: Approximate 6-7 cm

Silver Ball Chain (sold)
Price: RM1.00/4 pieces
Measurement:  Length about 9-10cm

Bronze 4 Key Holder Foc 2 Set Rivet
Price: RM1.50/piece

Card Holder
Price: RM1.90/book
Can put 20 cards


Clevergreen Ong said...

Hi Good morning ^_^ { Card Holder~Price: RM1.90/book~Can put 20 cards} May I know is it available for 20 books before I'm issue the order form? thank you

YYfashions Craft House said...

sorry, just read your msg. not enough for 20 books. TQ